How many HR people do you need?

Photo by   from   Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

I am often asked, “How many HR staff should I budget for?”  In reviewing the ratio of employees to HR staff, I found we are at an all time high.  The answer is 1.4 per 100 employees per a Bloomberg BNA study. This is up from a low of 1.1 per 100.

The study also found that organizations with fewer than 250 workers spend $2966 annually per employee for HR support.

This means if you have 50 employees you should spend $148,000 per year.  If you look at the two statistics, for 50 employees you should need a little more than a half time person but that half-time person certainly should not cost you $148,000/year.

For example, having someone on-site at your facility 2 days per week using our shared services model should cost you $75,000 and you benefit from having someone when you need them and not spending when you don’t.

Check out how shared services can work for you:  Shared HR Services.