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You see growth.  We see risk.


SevenStar HR focuses on you, the business leader.

We support you in your efforts to achieve your business and personal goals,  while protecting you from HR risks. 

SevenStar HR provides the absolute top level of Recruiting and HR experts on a shared basis.  You only pay when we are on the job, working hard to find you the best talent, getting  your people to perform at peak levels and ensuring HR compliance.  It's that simple.


HR Solutions

  • Need a skilled HR person, but don't want to pay a full-time salary? Our economical, team approach where you have multiple consultants working on your company’s issues solves any recruiting or general HR issues.

  • Want to know if you are at risk with the ever-changing HR laws and regulations? Our MRI HR Assessment™️ will evaluate your company’s HR processes and practices.

  • Not hiring the best talent or even getting enough applicants? Our EffectiveHiring® process provides the solution for recruiting top talent.


Size Doesn't Matter

Whether you have 10 employees or 500, our comprehensive tools analyze your HR compliance, company culture and employees' accountability, creating a plan to help you achieve your business and personal goals.  Want a no obligation consultation?


Your HR Questions, Answered

Have a quick question? We can help... no obligation.  Want to know if you are at risk with all the ever-changing HR laws and regulations? We’re here to help you navigate the simplest to the most difficult human resources issues. Just give us a call.


It's your people who drive the boat.


SevenStar's shared HR delivers delivers a growth strategy, protecting your organization and optimizing your most valuable asset--people.

Smart companies have come to the realization by any measure, it is an organization's people who drive the boat.  So, it's incumbent upon management to keep their people engaged, focused and inspired to give the organization the best chance to significantly increase revenues and profits. 

SevenStar’s EffectiveHiring® Recruitment:

Leveraging Expertise and Technology to Find you the Perfect Employee

By combining our years of experience, processes found in our EffectiveHiring® program and proprietary technologies such as our Applicant Tracking, Onboarding platforms and JobFiller programmatic ads, we have taken recruitment to a new level.

Customer Stories: How We've Impacted Our Clients


Out of the Weeds — Reto Hug, Maloya Laser

I was handling all of the HR details myself, leaving me no time to implement the company's vision. Four years ago, SevenStar HR provided us with an HR professional two days a week to handle my human resource needs. As my needs changed over time, they provided us three different specialists.  I see them as my permanent HR solution going forward.



Getting Ready to Sell George Kramer, Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists

I worked hard over the years to build my Veterinary Practice and I realized how much different aspects of the business would affect its value.  I decided to take SevenStar HR's HR MRI Assessment™️, and then have an HR specialist onsite for eight months to mitigate the risks the assessment uncovered.  I am convinced that my business sold for much more thanks to SevenStar HR helping me to reduce risk.


With all those stars, why stop at five?


The SevenStar Advantage: Exactly what you Need to Turn Your People into Stellar Achievers.


SevenStar HR was founded by the owners of a coaching business who have 20 years and over 10,000 hours of practical HR experience.  We completely understand business owners' HR needs: they want the freedom from HR issues so that they can focus on the big picture, their personal lives, business or both. They want their employees to be engaged and to have a great company culture. They want to hire the right people... the first time.

This brings us to the company name, SevenStar HR.  For us it is the epitome of the quality we embrace in everything we do. Not just a five-star rating, but just like so very few fine hotels in the world, seven stars. SevenStar HR embraces quality in everything: the clients we choose, the consultants we add to our team and the tools we provide our clients... all leading to quality in the results our clients achieve in their businesses and the goals they achieve in their personal lives.

The business world recognizes the need for fractional or part-time HR. That is the crux of the value we deliver; the best quality in the right shared HR professional just for the amount of time you need allowing you to switch HR Consultants when your needs change.  So whether you are in a large company where you might need an interim HR professional, need a team of professional to swap in and out or just need simple solution like a handbook, SevenStar HR is the way to go.