Get Out of the Weeds and Focus on the Big Picture with SevenStar HR


Our Team-Based Solution Gives you Seven HR Consultants

for Less than the Price of One

We start by using a proprietary on-line HR MRI Assessment™️ to determine the overall level of employee engagement and give company leaders the peace of mind that they are complying with ever-changing, fine causing government regulations If you are at risk, we'll provide a team “Prescription.”

No matter what your company size, we have a program to meet your needs. Our skilled HR team works with your company’s leaders to develop an engagement improvement program and make sure you have the right people in the right positions

Our EffectiveHiring® recruiting process doesn’t require you to pay high recruiter fees... no matter who you need: sales people, executives, administrative, or technical employees

The SevenStar HR Team

SevenStar HR is comprised of an expert team of HR professionals who have years of experience, ranging from the HR generalist to VP Human Resources, and decades of consulting and corporate credentials.

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Jackie Gernaey-President

As CEO of SevenStar HR, Jackie offers targeted support for one of the toughest challenges businesses face: hiring and managing employees.  Jackie uses SevenStar HR's shared HR Consultants and proprietary EffectiveHiring® tool to deliver superior value to companies. She helps organizational leaders identify and resolve compliance-related HR risks, build solid processes to optimize business operations, and construct a culture that allows business owners to enjoy going to work.