Our Services... How we Turn a Company's B Players into B+ Engaged Players... Revolutionizing an Organization.

Are your employees engaged? Engaged employees increase your revenue and bottom-line.

In some organizations, engagement seems to happen naturally. Employees feel it. They’re committed, energetic, attached. Positive attitudes and behaviors are transmitted to each new hire.

Our process:

Assessment and Measurement

  • We use an Engagement Assessment to determine the overall level of engagement and give company leaders peace of mind. This ensures they are complying with ever-changing government regulations, and thus preventing fines. And if you are at risk, we'll put a corrective plan in place

  • We implement a monthly assessment of each employee to determine trends using our 5Cs of Performance tool

Engagement Planning for Any Industry Through our Shared HR Team

  • No matter what your company’s size, we have a program to meet your needs. Our skilled HR team works with the leaders to develop a system to improve engagement and make sure you have the right people in the right positions

  • Our Five Step EffectiveHiring® recruiting process doesn’t require you to pay high recruiter fees... regardless of whether you need sales people, executives, administrative or technical employees

Our Many Training Programs that Help Engage Your Employees

... and much more!