Do You Know the ABCs of Marijuana Laws?


Only 17 states do not allow either recreational or medical marijuana use even though it is still illegal under federal law.  Ten states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana for adults over 21.

As medical and non-medical legalization spreads, it is increasingly important employers clarify their policies. While it may be unlawful in some jurisdictions to discriminate against workers simply because they have a medical marijuana card, employers can still require sobriety at work and treat marijuana as they would alcohol or prescription drugs

Can you be under the influence at work? Do you have the right to test if you feel someone is “acting intoxicated”? Do you have a policy?

Right now, marijuana drug tests can’t determine whether someone is currently under the influence.  THC will stay in their system and be detectable in the urine between 3 days for occasional users (up to 3 times per week), and more than 30 days for chronic heavy users (multiple times a day).  How are you going to handle the results if you do test?

Legal marijuana is a reality. The amount of revenue available to states is in the hundreds of millions.  You need to get your handbook and policy set.