2019 is in Full Swing: Do You Have a Company Plan and HR Plan?


 So, we all know planning is not everyone’s favorite but it is a necessity if you want to have control over your company’s future.  Why:

·       It gives you a roadmap to follow

·       Allows you to react to internal and external threats

·       You can take advantage of an opportunity while controlling your risk

·       Lets you know when you have reached your goals and tracks your progress

Once you have a company plan you need to look at the milestones which will have an HR impact. Some things to ask yourself to decide if you need to include an HR Plan within your annual and strategic plan:

·       Does my company’s culture make people want to work there?

·       Do I have the right number of people?

·       Do the employees we have have the right skills?

·       How can I ensure retention of good employees?

·       How can I make B players B+?

·       Are we hiring quickly enough?

·       Should I outsource pieces of HR?

·       Do I need HR software?

If you want to analyze where you are in all HR issues from compliance to your company culture, we can help with our on-line HR MRI Assessment.