How Do You Know When it is Time to Hire an HR Manager?

While hiring your first HR manager sounds expensive, we are a big advocate of the shared HR model, which enables you to have a high-level person who can help you achieve your immediate goals at a fraction of the cost because the consultant is not working for you full time, and you have the option of having them on or off site. 

Here are some thoughts as to when you might consider your first HR professional:


1.  If you are worried that the office person you placed in the HR role may not have the skills you need, given all the new HR regulations

2. If you are scaling into multiple states and know the laws are different

3. If you have a major expansion and know paying the cost of recruiting is not an option

4. If you have progressed beyond the ‘family’ stage where everyone knows everyone’s business and want to add some professionalism to your organization

5. If your company is not able to grow because the leaders are spending too much time dealing with the day-to-day employee problems like tardiness and petty issues

The best way to determine whether you might be ready is to take an HR assessment to allow you to understand where you are on the risk level.  This will help you hire the right person whether it is a shared HR person or not.

Jacquelyn Gernaey