Giving business owners the "fish" instead of "teaching them how to fish"


Sometimes, being a partner means not being able to go the direction you want. That's what happened to me. So what's a person to do? I started my own company. SevenStar HR is the phoenix rising out of EffectiveHR which will fade into non-existence.

I was talking to a colleague who asked "Why name the company SevenStar HR?" For me, it is the epitome of the quality I embrace in everything I do. Not just a five star rating, but like so very few hotels in the world, SevenStar HR embraces quality in everything. Quality in the clients we choose, quality in the consultants we bring on, quality in the tools we provide the clients, and quality in the results our clients achieve.

The world is going fractional and HR is too. That is the crux of what we do. Whether you are in a large company where you might need an interim HR person, or just need a handbook, fractional is the way to go.

"Why Jackie are you, who has spent the last 18 years teaching business owners 'how to fish,' now providing the HR 'fish' on a platter through SevenStar HR?," I was asked. Well, the bottom line is that I have found business owners and leaders over the years really dislike dealing with HR issues. They have told me to "Just, please, give me that fish."

If you have wanted the "fish" not only on a platter, but cooked and filleted, check out our new website at and good fishing to you!

Jacquelyn Gernaey