How We Keep Your Business Humming

by Handling the Issues Before They Happen.


Our Tools

EffectiveHiring® Five Step Process

  • Applicant Tracking System: branded and unbranded systems that increase the number of applicants, manage the hiring process, improve the ease of communication with applicants and make reporting easy

  • SevenStar HR Onboarding Tool: reduces time needed to onboard, allows for electronic collection of signatures and file storage using your own customized forms and workflow process

  • Job Benchmarking and Applicant Assessment: allows comparison of applicants, looking at their behaviors, motivators, soft skills and intelligence (how quickly the applicants can learn)

HR MRI Assessment™

5 C's of Performance Management

  • Quickly and anonymously assess team members on a 360 degree basis

  • Supervisors can review employee engagement on a per employee basis taking only 10 seconds per employee per month

    • Save time dealing with year-end reviews

    • Alerts you to changes in employee behavior

 Employee Handbook Builder

  • Quickly and easily create an web-based employee handbook customized with your policies... at no extra cost

  • We automatically update your manual whenever state, federal and local updates take place and publish them for your employees, based on your direction

  • Custom link and password for each manual a company has ensures they have access to their specific handbook

 Affordable Care Act

  • We deliver a responsive real-time ACA dashboard that offers alerts whenever employees cross a threshold which would require ACA action.

  • Generate required IRS reports in PDF format for 6055 and 6056 including

    • Determining and documenting Measurement Periods in real time

    • Determining “affordability”

    • Determining shared responsibility for the employer

Training through Learning Management On-Line

  • Our Connect 4 - Effective Communication allows for a workplace where all employees relate better to each other, your customers and prospects

  • Next Generation Leaders - Developing Dynamic Leaders for tomorrow’s exceptional companies

  • Employee Training - We use a learning management system to make training easy.

  • And Many More Solutions, No Matter What Challenges Your Organization is Facing

Need a Solution? No Project is Too Small or Too Large