Were your employees dead when you hired them or did you kill them?

If you have employees who are not producing, is it your fault or theirs?

One of three reasons that employees fail:


1.   You did not hire properly. Hiring managers and business owners often hire too fast. The temptation in this hiring climate is to get someone with a pulse to fill a spot. A mis-hire is so expensive with time spent training, fixing screw-ups, and trying to correct the way an employee represents a brand that hiring quickly is a mistake. Job benchmarking, behavioral interviewing, hard and soft skill testing, are all steps that need to be taken to find the best fit for your company. So if you did not do that, it is your fault.

2.   You hire them and give them no training. Expecting a new employee to perform at the level of a trained employee is like expecting to be able to read with prisms in your glasses. Developing key accountabilities for a position is critical to allowing you to know where they should be trained first. This one is on you too.

3.   You, as their manager, are not managing them. You don’t spend the time with them they need; their responsibilities are not clear, or they may not be given the tools they need to succeed. Fault is clear here.

Whether we like it or not, we have control in helping our employees succeed. Let’s make sure they are not dead when we hire them. If they are alive, let’s not kill them!




Jacquelyn Gernaey